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[texts]Physics_For_Entertaiment - Perelman

Downloads: 42,980 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Michael Perelman -- Interview about the Invisible Handcuffs - Michael Perelman
Interview with Alan Ruff, WORT, Madison, WI regarding The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles the Economy by Stunting Labor
Keywords: Michael Perelman; political economy; economics
Downloads: 186
[audio]3rd Invisible Handcuffs Interview - Michael Perelman
Michael Perelman Interview with Nancy Wiegman of KCHO in Chico
Keywords: Michael Perelman; political economy; economics; invisible handcuffs
Downloads: 110
[audio]2d-Interview-Invisible-Handcuffs - Michael Perelman
Interview with Richard Estes, KDVS regarding the Invisible Handcuffs
Keywords: Michael Perelman; political economy; economics
Downloads: 93
[audio]Economics, Ethics, and the Good Life - michael perelman
Decoding economics by understanding how the subject mutates according to context and interest group served
Keywords: political economy; economics; marx
Downloads: 214
[audio]Michael.Perelman's Korean Interview - Michael Perelman
Korean Michael Perelman on Manufacturing Discontent
Keywords: Michael Perelman; political economy; economics; manufacturing discontent
Downloads: 138
[audio]Observations on China - michael perelman
Quick thoughts about China
Keywords: China; political economy
Downloads: 94
[audio]Michael-Perelman-Interview with WBAI-29July2007 - Michael Perelman
Interview on WBAI 29 July2007 on my books
Keywords: economics; political economy
Downloads: 108
[movies]michael perelman colloquium talk - michael perelman
A discussion of my unique perspective on the economic crisis
Keywords: economic; economics; crisis; perelman
Downloads: 208
[texts]Otto Schneid Papers--Correspondence before 1939--Perelman, M. 5:5 - Perelman, M.
Autograph letter signed, with envelopes
Keywords: Schneid, Otto, 1929-1973; Schneid, Otto, 1929-1973--Correspondence; Schneid, Otto, 1929-1973--Correspondence with M. Perelman
Downloads: 7
[audio]perelman-econ-crisis - michael perelman
My lecture on the economic crisis
Keywords: economics; crisis
Downloads: 641
[audio]michael perelman interview - michael perelman
Interview with WORT 14 August 2006.
Downloads: 161
[audio]Economics, Ethics, and the Good Life - with Q&A - michael perelman
Lecture: Economics, Ethics and the Good Life with questions and answers
Keywords: economics; ethics; history of economic thought; political Economy
Downloads: 23
[image]The Seven Energies of the Universe - Ivo Perelman

Downloads: 38
[texts]Stark-Wannier type operators with purely singular spectrum - Galina Perelman
We consider the one-dimensional Stark-Wannier type operators with potentials given by a smooth function with a logarithmic growth at infinity plus a periodic function with the Fourier coefficients of the form $(\ln |n|)^{-b}, 0
Downloads: 36
[audio]Bloomberg Interviews Michael Perelman - michael perelman
Hourlong Interview Regarding The Confiscation of American Prosperity
Keywords: economics; political economy; depression
Downloads: 93
[audio]Michael-perelman-interviewWithWbai-29july2007 - Michael Perelman
Michael Perelman new radio interview
Keywords: economics; political economy
Downloads: 161
[audio]Occupy Chico State - michael Perelman
Brief synopsis of a talk scheduled for Occupy Chico State
Keywords: education; political economy; protest
Downloads: 123
[texts]Finite extinction time for the solutions to the Ricci flow on certain three-manifolds - Grisha Perelman
Let M be a closed oriented three-manifold, whose prime decomposition contains no aspherical factors. We show that for any initial riemannian metric on M the solution to the Ricci flow with surgery, defined in our previous paper math.DG/0303109, becomes extinct in finite time. The proof uses a version of the minimal disk argument from 1999 paper by Richard Hamilton, and a regularization of the curve shortening flow, worked out by Altschuler and Grayson.
Downloads: 15
[texts]Blow up dynamics for equivariant critical Schrödinger maps - Galina Perelman
For the Schr\"odinger map problem from 2+1 dimensions into the 2-sphere we prove the existence of equivariant finite time blow up solutions that are close to a dynamically rescaled lowest energy harmonic map, the scaling parameter being given by $t^{-\nu}$ with $\nu>3/2$.
Downloads: 20
[texts]Asymptotic stability of multi-soliton solutions for nonlinear Schroedinger eqations - G. Perelman
We consider the Cauchy problem for the nonlinear Schroedinger eqiation with initial data close to a sum of N decoupled solitons. Under some suitable assumptions on the spectral structure of the one soliton linearizations we prove that for large time the asymptotics of the solution is given by a sum of solitons with slightly modified parameters and a small dispersive term.
Downloads: 22
[texts]La science universelle - Perelman, Samuel

Downloads: 60
[texts]Ricci flow with surgery on three-manifolds - Grisha Perelman
This is a technical paper, which is a continuation of math.DG/0211159. Here we construct Ricci flow with surgeries and verify most of the assertions, made in section 13 of that e-print; the exceptions are (1) the statement that manifolds that can collapse with local lower bound on sectional curvature are graph manifolds - this is deferred to a separate paper, since the proof has nothing to do with the Ricci flow, and (2) the claim on the lower bound for the volume of maximal horns and the smooth...
Downloads: 12
[image]Ivo - Ivo Perelman

Downloads: 123
[etree]Erez Perelman Live at The Lor House on 2006-01-12 - Erez Perelman
Disk 1 1. Aran's Intro 2. small talk 3. Prelude 1 by Villa Lobos with Flamenco intro 4. Choro by Villa Lobos 5. small talk 6. Leyenda by Isaac Albeniz 7. Guitar Construction Talk 8. Farruca by Paco Pena 9. small talk 10. Solea by Paco Pena 11. Flamenco talk 12. Solea by John Moore 13. Evocacion by Jose Luis Merlin 14. small talk 15. Rumba by Paco Pena
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 13,188 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Fiziḳ af yedn ṭroṭ miṭ 109 gemeln - Perelman, Yankel
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 91
[texts]Dos Yingl fun der Krokhmalne a khroniḳ fun a lebn - Perelman, Yankel
Vol. 2 has imprint: Tel-Aviv, ha-Menorah
Keywords: Jews
Downloads: 95
[image]Blue Monk Variations - Ivo Perelman

Downloads: 41
[texts]Physics for Entertainment Book 1 - Yakov Perelman
The aim of this book is not so much to give you some fresh knowledge, as to help you "learn what you already know". In other words, my idea is to brush up and liven your basic knowledge of physics, and to teach you how to apply it in various ways. To achieve this purpose conundrums, brain-teasers, entertaining anecdotes and stories, amusing experiments, paradoxes and unexpected comparisons-all dealing with physics and based on our everyday world and sci-fi are afforded.
Keywords: physics; popular science; physics for entertainment; perelman; foreign languages publishing house
Downloads: 908
[collection]Erez Perelman - Erez Perelman
Limited Flag: ApproReq
Downloads: 13,217
[texts]Astronomy for Entertainment - Yakov Perelman
he purpose of the book is to initiate the reader into the basic facts of astronomy. But do not take it as a primer, since our presentation differs essentially from any text-book. Ordinary facts with which you may be acquainted are couched here in unexpected paradoxes, or slanted from an odd and unexpected angle, solely with a view to excite imagination and quicken interest. We have tried to free the theme as far as possible from the professional âterminologyâ and technical paraphernalia that s...
Keywords: astronomy; science; popular; sun; earth; moon; planets; stars; gravitation
Downloads: 893
[texts]Fun With Maths and Physics - Yakov Perelman
In this book there are 27 chapters which describe physical and mathematical concepts using questions, experiments and puzzles.
Keywords: perelman; mathematics; popular mathematics; recreational mathematics; conundrums; physics experiment; popular science
Downloads: 1,042
[texts]Algebra Can Be Fun - Yakov Perelman
Algebra can be fun by Yakov Perelman. From the Preface This is not an easy-reading text on algebra for beginners. Neither is it a manual. It is a book for free reading. It is designed for a reader with some knowledge of algebra, even though half mastered and perhaps half forgotten. The present text hopes to help the reader recall such haphazard knowledge and polish it up, the aim being to fix certain facts in his mind...
Keywords: algebra; mathematics; perelman; mir publishers; graphs; history of mathematics
Downloads: 1,726 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Physics for Entertainment Book 2 - Yakov Perelman
Volume 2 of the classic by Yakov Perelman. This edition was translated by A. Shkarovsky.
Keywords: physics; popular science; physics for entertainment; perelman; foreign languages publishing house
Downloads: 1,209 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Figure for Fun: Stories and Conundrums - Yakov Perelman
To read and enjoy this book it will suffice to possess a modest knowledge of mathematics, i.e., knowledge of arithmetical rules and elementary geometry. Very few problems require the ability of forming and solving equations and the simplest at that. The table of contents, as you may see, is quite diversified: the subjects range from a motley collection of conundrums and mathematical stunts to useful practical problems on counting and measuring...
Keywords: perelman; mathematics; popular mathematics; recreational mathematics; conundrums
Downloads: 864
[texts]mathematics can be fun-1 - YAKOV PERELMAN
mathematics can be fun by YAKOV PERELMAN
Keywords: yakov; perelman; mathematics
Downloads: 4,443 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Mathematics Can Be Fun - Yakov I. Perelman
كتاب الرياضيات المسلية
Downloads: 683
[texts]Detecting deception via eyeblink frequency modulation. (Volume 2) - Perelman, Brandon S.
This article is from PeerJ, volume 2.AbstractTo assess the efficacy of using eyeblink frequency modulation to detect deception about a third party, 32 participants were sent on a mission to deliver a package to an interviewer. 17 of the participants lied to the interviewer about the details of their mock mission and 15 responded truthfully. During the interview, eyeblink frequency data were collected via electromyography and recorded video...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Anomalous dispersion in pulsar 21-cm radiation reveals the existence of faster-than-c phenomena in near field of scatterers - Mark E. Perel'man
At passage of 21-cm pulsar radiation through clouds of neutral hydrogen atoms the signal in the region of anomalous dispersion is appearing as faster-than-c. As unlike laboratory researches separate scatterers are located on big distances from each other, this effect can be attributed only to the consecutive independent scattering on isolated atoms. For its explanation we must accept that photons are emitted and absorbed on the distances \lamda/2, in a near field, instantaneously...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Vey theorem in infinite dimensions and its application to KdV - Sergei Kuksin
We consider an integrable infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian system in a Hilbert space $H=\{u=(u_1^+,u_1^-; u_2^+,u_2^-;....)\}$ with integrals $I_1, I_2,...$ which can be written as $I_j={1/2}|F_j|^2$, where $F_j:H\to \R^2$, $F_j(0)=0$ for $j=1,2,...$ . We assume that the maps $F_j$ define a germ of an analytic diffeomorphism $F=(F_1,F_2,...):H\to H$, such that dF(0)=id$, $(F-id)$ is a $\kappa$-smoothing map ($\kappa\geq 0$) and some other mild restrictions on $F$ hold...
Downloads: 17
[texts]Towards Microscopic Theory of Phase Transitions: Correlation Radii and Critical Indices - M. E. Perel'man
From the microscopic point of view almost all bonds between particles of condensed substances must be performed by exchanges of virtual photons. Consequently the duration of their virtuality must be longer than the extent of their free path in the substance, the magnitudes of all expressions in such inequality are known from low frequencies scattering. This approach allows to suggest that the break of some set of bonds of particles, i.e...
Downloads: 21
[texts]Superluminal Phenomena as Instantaneous Transferring of Excitations in Correspondence with the Wigner Principle of Causality - M. E. Perel'man
It is shown that the transferring of light signal faster-than-c can take place exclusively as the instantaneous quantum tunneling. Its extent (space size of instanton) must be inversely relative to lack of energy till nearest stable or resonant state. ''Superluminality'' leads to nonlocality ''in small'', in a near field zone, and can be described by 4-vector $A_{\mu}$, the $\mathbf{E}$ and $\mathbf{H}$ fields remain local...
Downloads: 29
[texts]Near field in quantum electrodynamics: Green functions, Lorentz condition, "nonlocality in the small", frustrated total reflection - Mark E. Perel'man
Investigation of near field of QED requires the refuse from an averaging of the Lorentz condition that smooths out some field peculiarities. Instead of it Schwinger decomposition of the 4-potential with the Bogoliubov method of interaction switching in time and in space regions is considered. At such approach near field is describable by the part of covariant Green function of QED, the fast-damping Schwinger function formed by longitudinal and scalar components of Aμ none restricted by light co...
Downloads: 26
[texts]Uncertainty relations describing the short-term violations of Lorentz invariance: superluminal phenomena, particles transformations - M. E. Perel'man
The refinement and specifications of time-energy uncertainty relations have shown that the experimentally observed phenomena of superluminal signaling are describable by such their form: $\Delta E\Delta\tau\geq\pi\hbar$, where both standard deviations are negative. When $\Delta\tau
Downloads: 20
[texts]Sound beyond the speed of light: destructive interference, anomalous dispersion and nonlocality of near field - M. E. Perel'man
Experimentally fixed sound pulse beyond of light speed in the region of anomalous dispersion [W. M. Robertson, e. a. Appl. Phys. Lett, 90, 014102 (2007)] can be explained, as well as the similar superluminal phenomena, by "the nonlocality in the small" of near electromagnetic field at transferring of relevanted excitations.
Downloads: 28
[texts]Non-dispersive vanishing and blow up at infinity for the energy critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation in R^3 - Cecilia Ortoleva
We consider the energy critical focusing NLS in R^3 and prove, for any $\nu$ sufficiently small, the existence of radial finite energy solutions that as $t\to\infty$ behave as a sum of a dynamically rescaled ground state plus a radiation, the scaling law being of the form $t^{\nu}$.
Downloads: 21
[texts]Birobidzshan - Perelman, Osher, b. 1895

Keywords: 205242
Downloads: 124
[texts]Miṭ a raḳeṭe af der leṿone - Perelman, Y. I
Electronic reproduction
Downloads: 86
[texts]Cigar Manufacturers and Distributors 2010 - Perelman, Pioneer & Co.
Pereleman's Cigar Finder list of Cigar Manufacturers and Distributors for 2010 Primarily compiled December 31, 2009; updated June 30, 2010 This list of 1,511 brands was compiled by Perelman, Pioneer & Co. and is available for free download in pdf form on their website, There is no print version available for sale and this copy of the downloadable file is being uploaded here for historical preservation purposes...
Keywords: cigars; cigar manufacturing
Downloads: 3,956
[texts]B. G. Galerkin's method in calculus of variations and in the theory of elasticity - Perelman, Ya. I
Galerkin method for solutions of structural mechanics problems and theory of elasticity
Downloads: 525
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